Oh wait, yes I do. 

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The greatest thing about Facebook ads?

Well, it’s also the WORST thing about Facebook ads — anyone can do it, and everyone is trying.

It’s like an ocean, crashing and smashing and filled with inexperienced sailors and unexpected rocks, driven by an algorithm that can’t seem to stop changing course.

And with the frenzied climate of digital marketing and the relentless pace of developing technology, it’s no wonder there are so few bona fide experts in these waters.

You know this, because you’ve been roiling around in that wild sea yourself. And you’re pretty good at it, too — but then one of three things happen:

  • You’re cruising at a respectable speed, making a profit and keeping your CPA nice and low. But then you try to grow, and BLAM! Costs go up, profits tank, and your ship hits the rocks.

  • The algorithm changes (again), and your account gets blocked for reasons you don’t understand and couldn’t have predicted. Ouch.

  • All your strategies are working, but you’ve plateaued. It’s like you’re stuck in a whirlpool and can’t move forward.

In all of those scenarios, managing your Facebook media has become a time-sucking, energy-killing beast that pulls you away from the things you really need to be doing every day.

A smart leader knows that in order to continue growing, they need to put an expert in charge of the things they don’t excel at / don’t like doing. An expert like… me!

Hi. I’m Dorothy Illson, founder of Needle’s Eye Media. I’ve invested countless hours — and tens of thousands of dollars — in mastering Facebook ads. (And yes, that is my idea of a good time.)

With an innate talent for data-wrangling and project management, and a holistic understanding of digital marketing, I’ve developed a proven scientific approach to building and scaling your monthly ad spend, while maintaining and increasing profitability.

You could get some of this expertise from a big agency (probably). But you wouldn’t get the personalized, individual attention I provide, or the deep dive into your mission, services, and customers that’s so crucial to building the right strategy.

I’ll handle every aspect of your Facebook advertising, from managing your ad spend, to crafting innovative messaging that helps you stand out from the sea of sameness.

Stormy waters lie ahead. Put an expert at the helm.


I achieved more in a few hours with Dorothy than I’ve been able to accomplish with over 18 months of work both on my own and with other consultants who charged far more, but delivered much less.
— Scott Spann