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Entrusting your monthly ad budget to someone else is major. And I don’t want to take on a client whose ads I can’t rock, any more than you want to invest in a media buyer who doesn’t get stellar returns.

That’s why I have an intensive getting-to-know-you process in place, to make sure we can make beautiful music together. And by music, I mean profitable, powerful Facebook Ads that are 100% handled by a talented, dedicated expert. (That’s me.)

Please fill out the form below, and be as detailed as you can. I live for details.

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Dorothy was incredibly easy to work with. She communicated with us early and often, and used a variety of communication tools based on my preference and the needs of the given project. Bottom line: she made it easy to stay up to date and keep projects moving.

Next, she ran a good process. Her discovery process gives her a deep understanding of our goals and ideal customer, which allows her to craft effective messaging to bring in the right people. Throughout our work together, she always cut to the chase, distilled findings to key messages, and provided her expert opinion on next steps.

Finally, she’s good at the work. She is knowledgeable, methodical, and data-driven. Another agency was running our traffic initially and our cost per acquisition on Facebook had jumped drastically when we began to raise our budget. Dorothy took over and within a matter of 2 weeks was able to bring our CPA back to target levels while maintaining the same scale.
— Rick Corcoran, Founder, Everspoon