What My Clients Have To Say...

Dorothy exceeded my expectations by several orders of magnitude. Having spent time myself (several months, in fact) trying to untangle the mystery that is Facebook’s constantly morphing “code”, It’s quite clear to me that Dorothy has mastered it. She was able to, not only handle my Facebook needs (quickly, efficiently & effectively), but to immediately grasp my longer term strategy for the development of my training & consulting business in a way that gave me both a solid near term foundation and a clear longer term strategy for what I can go do next - on my own, if I so choose. I achieved more in a few hours with Dorothy than I’ve been able to accomplish with over 18 months of work both on my own and with other consultants who charged far more, but delivered much less. All that - and she’s a delight to work with - patience, an excellent listener, a great teacher - all with no “up-selling”, etc. I’ll definitely get back in Dorothy’s queue once I’ve run through this round of enhancements to my Facebook campaign.
— Scott Spann
Dorothy is absolutely fantastic to work with. Her wisdom is off the charts, her follow through is impeccable, and her ability to get things done and get them done WELL is my favorite part about her…because as we all know in business, it’s the results that count, and Dorothy just plain gets results. From Facebook to Infusionsoft, Dorothy is an expert and you’d be lucky to have her.
— Jason Teteak
My name is Megan Hardwick. I am the owner and inventor of Wings Cosmetics. For the past 7 months I have been dealing with a marketing nightmare with Facebook that almost cost me my entire business. Every company and guru I reached out to including Facebook itself was unable to fix or even diagnose my marketing issue. In a last attempt to try and recover my marketing success Dorothy was able to not only point out but help correct my problem! Everything I had been fighting to fix was taken care of in less than an hour. I started seeing better traffic to my website and authentic, engagement with my Facebook ads. I literally thought I would have to close my business if I couldn’t fix this marketing issue. I am so thankful for Dorothy’s expert advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone! I am still in awe that she helped me in the incredible way she did! Thank you so much! I am truly grateful.
— Megan Mcling-Hardwick
As a fairly experienced Facebook advertiser, I was hesitant to outsource my Facebook advertising — why pay someone else to perform an activity I’m already doing quite successfully? But I needed more time to focus on other areas of my business that I truly enjoyed (and excelled at), so I took the plunge and hired Dorothy. And I’m so glad I did.

Dorothy’s attention to detail is impeccable, and her outside-the-box thinking has produced ideas that I would never have come up with on my own. When I was running Facebook traffic on my own, I kept hitting the same ceiling when I would try to scale my ad spend past a certain number. Once I went past that number, my cost per acquisition went all through the roof and my profitability tanked.

Dorothy has been able to scale far beyond what I was able to on my own — AND remain profitable. I’m now profitably acquiring thousands of new leads and hundreds of new customers every single month. The only reason I would hesitate to recommend her is that I want to keep her all to myself! She is, indeed, worth EVERY penny.
— Tyson Zahner
I highly recommend Dorothy Illson. She worked with me on my consumer products company on a variety of processes including email marketing, search marketing and, especially, Facebook Ads.

First, she was incredibly easy to work with. She was always flexible and punctual. She communicated with us early and often and used a variety of communication tools based on my preference and the needs of the given project (these included text, email, and google docs). Bottom line: she made it easy to stay up to date and keep projects moving.

Next, she ran a good process. We did discovery work at the beginning and took time on the front end to deeply understand our goals and ideal customer, which allowed her to craft effective messaging to bring in the right people. At the same time, we did not go so deep that we delayed our work or failed to iterate. She always cut to the chase, distilled findings to key messages, and provided her expert opinion on next steps.

Finally, she’s good at the work. She is knowledgeable, methodical, and data-driven. Another agency was running our traffic initially and our cost per acquisition on Facebook had jumped drastically when we began to raise our budget. Dorothy took over and within a matter of 2 weeks was able to bring our CPA back to target levels while maintaining the same scale.
— Rick Corcoran
Dorothy is a rare example of someone who is expert in her field, but also can quickly put a plan into practical action and is a great teacher. I had been using some so-called Facebook ad experts with mixed results. Within a few days of meeting Dorothy, she guided me to make changes that transformed our results and we are now getting costs per conversion well below normal expectations. I’m now starting a process of scaling up my ad spend and have every expectation of making my business a huge success - and Dorothy is an essential part of my optimism.
— Chuck Duff
Dorothy performed a thorough audit of our Facebook advertising history in 24 hours of our agreement to move forward. She also reviewed our website during this time period. She made excellent recommendations and provided us with tons of insights into Facebook advertising. She quickly understood our goals and target market. She was a complete professional, showed many examples, was patient, spoke clearly and intelligently during the entire audit review session. Within minutes, you will be able to see that she is a true Facebook Expert! Just what we are looking for........
— Blair Damson
Dorothy was fantastic! She was extremely responsive and a joy to work with. It’s obvious she posses a great wealth of knowledge and expertise, and she did a great job of breaking down complex ideas in a way that made it easy for our team to understand.

We highly recommend and will definitely be working with her again!
— Cameron Hayes
Dorothy is an invaluable and professional resource when it comes to Facebook advertising. I’ve chosen to work with Dorothy on a number of projects due to her expertise and insightful consultative approach. She’s stays abreast of all the changes with Facebook and has been able to bring new perspectives and innovative ideas. She also has an impressive talent with persuasive copywriting! I highly recommend Dorothy. I’m a huge fan of her as a professional and a person.
— Mimi Bonny
I own an apparel business called localE. where we sell primarily online through our website. Dorothy helped me to better understand how to utilize facebook ads to benefit my business and increase online sales. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was very helpful along the way. Definitely satisfied with her services and plan to use her again!
— Elizabeth Kennedy
Dorothy Illson and her company, Needle’s Eye Media has made a major impact to our bottom line in a very short period of time. Dorothy is both highly organized and very intelligent. She was able to very quickly understand our business and put together a Facebook plan to help us attack the market. Dorothy is very creative and also is very high energy. She continually brings forward new ideas for us to consider each month. Our managers look forward to our brainstorming meetings with Dorothy. Dorothy’s mastery of all things Facebook has changed the way we go to market and Facebook has become a large part of our advertising budget. We feel very fortunate to have Dorothy on our team because we know that she is our secret weapon. I would certainly suggest anyone interested in mastering Facebook to contact Dorothy at Needle’s Eye Media. That is as long as you aren’t a car dealer in Chicago!!
— Jerry Haggerty